Wing that laundry

Brabantia introduces HangOn Drying Rack

Interior design brand Brabantia, loved for its smart and stylish homeware and laundry solutions, introduces the unique HangOn Drying Racks. With these freestanding racks in 4 sizes you can dry your laundry anywhere in the house – trousers too. But what really sets those racks apart are the loops for clothes hangers, adding extra drying space for blouses and shirts. There’s a HangOn Drying Rack with 15, 20 and 25 metres of hanging space and 25 metres plus rod, all sustainably made in White, Matt Black and Metallic Grey. In store from April.

Dry your laundry anywhere
Hang on, you don't need a garden or large terrace to dry your laundry naturally! With this HangOn Drying Rack, you can hang your laundry anywhere in the house. Thanks to the adjustable wings, hanging long items like trousers is no problem, and neither is flat drying delicate pieces. Unexpected spell of rain? The HangOn Drying Rack has a transport lock that makes it easy to bring it in the house, even when fully loaded, and also prevents collapsing around curious kids. Easy to put up and store away, gentle on your laundry, floors and the planet – a great rack in White, Matt Black and Metallic Grey. It even has special loops for your clothes hangers, adding extra drying space - now that’s practical thinking!

“Drying your blouses and shirts directly on a hanger prevents creases and saves time clearing your laundry away. The HangOn Drying Racks are made for it.” - Robert Engels, category manager Laundry Caring

Size matters
The HangOn Drying Rack comes in 4 versions. The 15-metre rack can hold more than one machine load of laundry and 4 hangers. Need more space? The 20-metre HangOn has room for up to 2 machine loads and 6 hangers. The HangOn Drying Rack 25m hangs 2.5 machine loads of laundry and 8 hangers from its loops. And the largest HangOn not only has 25 metres of flexible drying space and 8 loops, but a hanging rod for at least 10 hangers more (max 10 kg). All the drying space you ever dreamt of!

Naturally sustainable
The HangOn drying racks are made from robust, corrosion resistant materials, so 5 years of problem-free drying is guaranteed. Sustainable drying, to be precise. Drying naturally saves energy and by doing so on a HangOn drying rack, you support WeForest at planting more trees as well. Of course, these great racks are sustainably made too, using 39% recycled material, and they are 97% recyclable. And they are Cradle-to-Cradle® Certified on the Bronze level too. How beautiful is that?

Trees cool the planet, provide food, wood and jobs. That’s why Brabantia works with WeForest, an international non-profit association dedicated to reforestation to prevent desertification. Since 2015 we have planted over 2 million trees in the ‘Africa’s Great Green Wall’ project together – and counting!

The HangOn Drying Rack is available from April 2021. For details, please contact the Brabantia sales department or the website