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Swing Bins

Choosing the right push bin for you

We offer two different swing top bins, each with a 60L capacity and a cylindrical shape. Depending on your individual style, choose between a bright brilliant steel or a matt steel finish. Metal swing bins have a contemporary, clean look to suit the modern family.

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  1. Push Bin 60 litre - Matt Steel
    Push Bin 60 litre - Matt Steel
    Available in 2 colors
  2. Push Bin 60 litre - Brilliant Steel
    Push Bin 60 litre - Brilliant Steel
    Available in 2 colors

2 Items

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Set Descending Direction

The benefits of a swing top bin

Swing top bins are popular for a whole host of reasons. Their convenient size and stylish design mean they are never out of place in a modern family home, while the dampened lid requires minimal contact from you, to keep things hygienic. The tall, cylindrical design of Brabantia swing bins adds just a touch of retro style to your home, proving that sometimes the old ones really are the best!

  • Swing lids disguise the large opening, keeping spills and odours inside without sacrificing convenience
  • Large 60L size makes them perfect for the family kitchen
  • Two sturdy grips make the bin easy to move
  • A protective base prevents damage to your kitchen floor

Push top kitchen bins

Our push lid bins are very well-suited to use in the kitchen. They are designed with fast-paced lifestyles in mind, where easy access is a priority. A swing lid opens at just the slightest touch from you, letting you hygienically dispose of rubbish while cooking, and swings shut instantly after to keep any smells or leaks inside.

Large swing bins

Brabantia swing bins have a 60L capacity to minimise how often they need to be emptied and to keep up with the needs of big families or busy workspaces. The tall, slim shape but large size mean that bigger families with children can have a waste disposal solution that caters for their lifestyle, without taking up unnecessary floor space.

We love our planet as much as you do. We are proud that many of our products are Cradle-to-Cradle® Certified on the Bronze level. This means they meet strict requirements for (re)use of materials, renewable energy, water stewardship, and social fairness. How beautiful is that!

Brabantia represents durability and quality. That's why we give you a 10-year guarantee on our waste bins. Thus, we not only offer a smart solution for you, but for the planet too.