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Protecting ironing cloth

Ironing Just Got Simpler with Brabantia Ironing Mats

Some homes simply don’t have space for a full-size ironing board or perhaps you need the tools to iron on the go. The Brabantia ironing mat range ensures you can easily iron without the need for a full-size board. Our iron cloths offer an additional level of protection too. Our ironing mats and cloths range offers:

  • A safe, protective surface for ironing
  • Added protection when ironing delicate items
  • Compact size for portability and easy storage
  • Long warranties on all products

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  1. Protective Ironing Cloth 40 x 60 cm - White
  2. Ironing Blanket 65 x 120 cm - Calm rustle

Protect Delicate Fabrics with the Brabantia Ironing Cloth

Perfectly ironed clothes make a great impression, but some materials are more delicate than others. Soft silks, velvets and textured fabrics require a little more case and the Brabantia ironing cloth helps deliver this. Each cloth adds a layer of protection when ironing, prevents shiny marks and means even the most sensitive materials can be carefully ironed. Iron cloths are just one of many Brabantia ironing accessories, with iron stores, laundry bags and iron blankets also in our range.

Easier Ironing with the Brabantia Ironing Blanket

Make ironing easier with the Brabantia ironing blanket. Designed for on-the-go and travel ironing as well as adding protection when you iron at home, our blankets for ironing ensure you can quickly and efficiently remove all creases from your clothes. Our large ironing blankets are versatile and suitable for use with steam and regular irons. Use together with the Brabantia iron pad to ensure you have a safe and protected space for ironing, without the need for an ironing board.

Safer Steam Ironing with Brabantia Ironing Cloths

Steam ironing is the most efficient way of getting your clothes completely crease free, but it can result in unsightly shiny spots and marking if you’re not careful. Using a Brabantia blanket for steam ironing provides an added layer of protection for your garments. Whether you’re ironing something extremely delicate or simply want an added layer of protection whilst you steam iron, an ironing cloth provides exactly what you need. Steam ironing generates a huge amount of heat so being careful is essential, and our range includes many products to ensure safety as you iron.