A deeper shade of green.

Brabantia announces 100% circular design by 2035.

Brabantia has been helping people separate waste, prevent food waste, and dry their laundry naturally for decades. Now the company is raising the bar to 100% circular design by 2035. Asked about the how and the why, CEO Tijn van Elderen said: “Sustainability is not something we do; it is what we are. It is in our nature.”

Six pillars of 100% circular design

Brabantia is planning to achieve 100% circular design in the next 15 years. A formidable task, as this means 100% material health, 100% clean waste-water, 100% renewable energy, 100% of production waste recycled, 100% recycled/biobased materials, and 100% recyclable products. The company’s manifesto reads: “There’s no longer a choice between profit or planet. We’re entering a period in time where all of us have the chance to make a difference. With every action we take, with every decision we make.” Or, as Brabantia CEO Tijn van Elderen says: “As a family company we want to leave a more beautiful place for the next generation. We want to be part of the solution, not the pollution.”

Brabantia scores 2020

98% Material health
99% Clean water
70% Renewable energy
93% Production waste recycled
33% Recycled/biobased materials
98% Recyclable products

100% recyclability, 100% recycled materials
Scores are up as high as 98% recyclability already, of which 50% can be used to make new high-quality products. Over 1.000 products have a Cradle-to-Cradle Certificate on Bronze Level. The company is also aiming to use 100% recycled or renewable materials in production, one of its most ambitious targets. Many of the plastic parts in Brabantia waste bins are already made from post-production recycled materials, and aluminum. Also, biobased materials, FSC wood and good cotton are being used more frequently, but there is still 67% to go. The company is also taking steps towards 100% renewable energy in the future, with scores as high as 70% at the moment. The clean water level is up to 99%, and ca. 93% of the production waste is recycled.

Love Nature
The Dutch interior design company frequently teams up with NGOs to make an impact, like in the long-running Love Nature-campaign with WeForest. Recently, Brabantia and WeForest planted their 2 millionth tree in Africa’s Great Green Wall. The trees keep the fertile soil in place, they provide employment and will soon feed people, because WeForest also plants fruit and wood trees on farms.